Garbage Management


On 1st January 2013 MARPOL Annex V requirements for the prevention of pollution by garbage from ships entered into force. The new Annex requires that the discharge of all garbage into the sea is prohibited, except as expressly provided otherwise.

Additionally, Regulation 10.2 of Annex V will require that every vessel of 100 gross tons (GT) and above, and every vessel certified to carry 15 or more persons have a Garbage Management Plan. This lowers the tonnage requirement from its current level of 400 GT, which will have implications for a large number of smaller vessels such as offshore supply vessels (OSV), tugs, and yachts.

The Support4yachts web application provides users with the ability to manage all Annex V  requirements in a structured, paperless and auditable way online and offline. Alternatively Support4yachts can supply a Garbage Management Plan as a editable pdf.